I am a pro(fessional)crastinator.  Now, I don't procrastinate a lot of things, but what I do, I do with aplomb.  Currently, I should be writing a lengthy, academical-type paper on the appropriateness of current criminological policy regarding hacktivism that is due on Wednesday morning.  It's a subject that interest me.  I've done the research (which I actually do enjoy).  Now I just have to synthesize the ideas into something that goes like this:  This is what I think. Some policies are this way.  Other policies are that way.  Research shows that policies that are this way seem to do something, while policies that are that way accomplish less.  Here are lots of examples.  Here is some verisimilar sciency stuff.  Other things that effect policy are various facts.  Various facts need to be mitigated to form well rounded policy.  Here are some alternate ideas. Again, I think something I said 35 times before, which I've showed is, in fact, the right thing to think with all of the sciency stuff I put in the middle.  The end.

I don't know if you can tell or not, but I DO NOT WANT TO WRITE THIS PAPER.  Research papers are boring (to read and write) and largely useless in the scheme of life outside of academia.  So I'm here instead.  Procrastinating like a boss.

In lieu of writing my paper, I'll share a list of things that I have done in order to avoid this paper for so long:
- Installed a new garbage disposal
- Seen more movies that I'd seen in the whole year before this paper was assigned
- Compared and contrasted dozens of recipes for Peruvian ceviche
- Read up on the best places to buy sashimi-grade fish in Las Vegas
- Reconfigured the hard drive of my work computer
- Read about how I can make a small fortune every month working from home
- Did logic problems
- Napped extensively
- Cleaned out a file cabinet
- Listened to hours and hours of podcasts
- Polished all of my silver jewelry
- Re-organized the bathroom cabinets
- Took apart a co-worker's computer to fix her track pad
- Ordered facial cleanser online
- Bought summer shoes
- Culled my music collection

I'm thinking next I'll go get a pedicure.  Then I really have to write this thing.  Unless I do it tomorrow...