Betcha didn't know...

- I fucking hate raspberries. Like, so much that I can't think of a single other food that I wouldn't rather put in my mouth. And I can think of a lot of foods. 

- Butterflies seriously freak me out.  Once, I went to one of those butterfly gardens where you go into a giant room full of butterflies, and while everyone else was oohing and aahing over the butterflies landing on them, I spent the entire 22 seconds I was in there blowing them away from me. 

- I don't own a single pair of jeans. 

- I was on my high school golf team. And I haven't played a stroke since - apart from the mini and Wii varieties. 

- My piano teacher died in the middle of one of my lessons. Not right in front of me. He excused himself and went in the bedroom and died of a massive heart attack.  That pretty much ruined piano playing for me. 

- I'm really allergic to tea tree oil. It instantly leaves angry red welts in its wake and then I get a rash that looks like I've been severely mosquito-bitten.  I found this out after buying a facial cleanser with a tea tree base. I can only thank the sweet baby Jesus that I was, at least, out of adolescence when it happened. 

- I sleep pillowless. 

- Sometimes, when I get bored, I get out my old logic textbooks and do logic problems. 

- If I come to a point in a book where I feel certain it's going to end in tragedy, I immediately read the end so that I can be emotionally prepared.

- I once worked at a sex shop.  It was much more mundane than you might think.