You Know Them

We all know those people who rely heavily on the opinions of their doctors. They might be hypochondriacs, or they might be wooed by the title, bit either way, they're the ones who are always starting sentences with, "My doctor says..."

I don't put a whole lot of stock in western medicine. I don't think all doctors are hacks, but I am skeptical of much of what comes out of any doctor's mouth until I hear hard evidence accompanied by sound reasoning.

So, when people try to tell me things that I should do because their doctor told them it was a good idea, I usually just say thanks and ignore them. BUT, I am sick and effing tired of people telling me how dangerous hot yoga is.

I have a co-worker who, every time I mention that I went to yoga, says, "My doctor says it's dangerous to let your body temperature get that high." For a while, I just thanked her for her concern and left it at that.

Finally, though, I asked her what temperature she was talking about. She told me she didn't know exactly, just that her "doctor said it was bad."

This kind of crap drives me up the wall. I mean, we all know getting too hot is dangerous, but (and yes, I've taken a thermometer to the studio with me) my core temperature has never gone over 99.5. That's not even a whole degree above 'normal.' So I told my co-worker as much and yet she still would not stop.

Look, people, don't spout off about things you don't know about. Even if you're citing your doctor as a source. Doctors are just people. Sure, they went to school for a long time, but that really doesn't mean that they know everygoddamndedthing. It's like any other profession. Some people are well informed in their fields, others are not. But the thing I want to stress the most here is that you should never take someone's word for anything just because they went to medical school.

And for the love of Jesus Tapdancing Christ, don't keep harassing me because of something your doctor told you.

I will now put my soapbox away.