Dedication to Douchebaggery


My power tool ex-husband apparently just got a tattoo that says "Death Before Decaf." A mutual friend (of the Facebook variety) sent me the pictures. Seriously? You wait until you're 45 to get a tattoo and that's what you choose? Oy.

Stinky Situation

I have a 'supervisory' position at work. In truth, I supervise one person. It's fine. Except that he smells offensively bad. It's not all the time, but it's a lot of the time.

Of course, I noticed this stench the first time I met this person, but it's just rude to tell someone they stink. The thing is, there have now been several complaints, to me, his supervisor. The powers that be want me to handle this problem. Which I will do. I feel like HR really should take care of it, but they want me to talk to him first and then, if the smell persists, they'll take over.

The fact that he doesn't always smell leads me to believe that the odor is not due to uncontrollable circumstance, but I still don't quite know how to tell him he smells.

No matter how I approach it, it's going to embarrass him. I don't want to embarrass him. I just want him to shower more regularly.

I hate this. And the thing is, I'm annoyed at him because he's put me in this situation. I realize that he's not aware that he's offensive smelling, but I wonder how that's possible. Ugh.