Know What's Awesome?

When random trolls leave angry comments on your posts with the words "That's just your opinion." Um, duh. It's my BLOG. Isn't a blog pretty much exclusively opinion? And since it's my blog, my opinion? Sure, there are some facts here, but mostly they relate to how it's a fact that something is my opinion. And then, when you don't respond and delete the comment, they send you an email?  Super.  I didn't read the email.

And it's not like I'm opposed to alternate opinions or friendly debates, but, "You're not better than everyone else," and "I don't appreciate being made fun of," and the truly useful, "That's just your opinion," are not alternate opinions or valid arguments for anything.  If you feel insulted by what I've written, you are not my target audience.  Go find a blog to which you are more attuned.  And don't fucking worry about what I (a person you don't know) think.  We're not friends.  We don't have to be friends.  It'll be fine.

I continue to be baffled by people who go looking for a fight. Don't read my blog if you don't like it. There are, literally, tens of millions of other options. And when you comment like that, I just make fun of you more. For the record, I don't think I'm better than everyone.  Just some people (who leave poorly thought-out, random comments on blogs they've clearly never read before and will probably never read again).

The thing is, if I wanted to write facts all the livelong day, this page would be filled with things like what the largest continent is, or what the average snowfall is in Duluth, or the gestational period of giraffes. And you know what that is (aside from somewhat, trivially informative)? Boring.  Because opinions are what make things interesting.

So agree, disagree, comment all you want, but for the love of SWEET TAPDANCING CHRIST ON A CRACKER, don't come looking for an argument.