So, that just happened.

I went to bed feeling accomplished. I'd gotten the cooking done for the week, gotten the laundry done and folded and ready to be put away this morning. I read some Julia Kristeva and was asleep by 11.

Sometime later, a loud noise woke both Matt and me up. Matt got up to investigate and after making sure no one was breaking in, came back to bed.

Approximately a half-hour ago, I awoke to start my day. As I approached the laundry room to retrieve the folded laundry, I noticed a dark spot on the carpet just outside the laundry room door.

I knew it meant bad things. I opened - or tried to open the door - to find it blocked by something. Upon pushing it harder, I discovered that the impediment was a pile of clothes accompanied by a river of laundry detergent (the source of the spot on the carpet).

Yeah. So the clean clothes are currently lying in a lake of blue goo. And the goo is all over EVERYTHING. the walls, the washing machine, the floor, there's even some on the ceiling.

How it happened is still a physics-defying mystery. See, the detergent was resting safely on it's appointed shelf, as it has done for weeks now. And now it's not. It seems to have leapt to it's death without cause.

Nothing else on the shelf is out of place. And yet this three-quarters full jug of detergent propelled itself off the shelf with enough force to knock over a laundry basket full of clothes.

Oh, the horror.

I'm writing this now because I don't know where to even begin. I mean, how do you clean up soap? And even after I do, I'm pretty sure every time I mop that floor for the rest of my life, bubbles will appear. My grout will be blue for a long time - if not forever. An the poor clothes are going to have to go through probably a couple of soapless washes just to get the soap out.

Sigh. Okay, I've just decided this is hilarious. Because otherwise it might make me cry.