Take That, David Lynch

I'm standing in front of the old house with black shutters.  I hear someone crying inside the house.  I open the screen door and follow the sound.  At first I think it's coming from the kitchen, but when I get to the kitchen, the sound seems to be in the living room.  In the living room, I hear the crying upstairs.  

I try to climb the stairs but when I look more closely, I realize it's just a steep ramp and have to pull myself up by the bannister.  By the time I get upstairs the crying is very loud.  I walk down the hall to a closed door and when I open it, I'm already on the other side looking out to where I've just been.  The crying is behind me and I turn, but then I'm the one crying.

I go to the window and look down and see myself standing outside and know I have to yell to myself to wait because I have to get the baby out before the house falls down.  I grab the baby from the bassinet and yell to myself outside.  Then I throw the baby out the window.

Then I'm outside again, and I know I have to catch the baby and I grab for it, but I can't get a grip and it keeps slipping out of my hands back into the air.  I run in circles trying to catch it, but I can't.  I look up to the window I threw the baby from and see myself standing there watching and then I realize that I won't ever catch the baby and then the baby disappears and I'm standing in front of the house again.

This was not the strangest dream I had last night.


hannahjustbreathe said...

Whoa... And I thought my dreams of late have been strange...

But, to be fair, I've been on a WW II kick---"Band of Brothers," "Schindler's List," "In the Garden of Beasts"... You're bound to dream dark dreams when watching/reading such dark material.

Dorothy said...

From the looks of that list, I'm not surprised your dreams have been strange. The only thing I can attribute my dreams to is the weather. It's sooo hot.