My Band

A little frivolity after a heavy day.

Okay, I don't have a band. But if I were ever to form a band, I have a lot of prospective names. Why? Well, because it's a fun game. Sometimes a phrase just pops into my head or I see a combination of words and I think, "That'd be a cool band name," so I write it down. I have a running list. Here are a few of them:

Contaminated Pickle
Shitwreck - this would obviously be an angry punk band or something
The Absurdists
Peasant Under Glass
Culmination of Intention
Invisible Jet - preferably fronted by a singer named Jet
The Amazing Amazons - this should be ironic: a girl band with only short girls or something
Paste Eaters
Bad Apple
Diamond Lil
Fake Smile
Wicked Smart
Sharks & Rays
The Balladeers
Super Square
Apples & Pomegranates
Better Now
Just Because
Paint with Words
Senseless Creatures
Watery Grave
Mouthy Broads
Dropped Stitch
Borrowed Pajamas


Dirty Kitten said...

CONTAMINATED PICKLE!! You got that from my story about the earrings! Aw. It's a good band name, though. It sucks when it happens to your pickle, though.