That's So Wrong

It just seems wrong to have a baby shower in a casino.


A New Love

Matt's going to have to understand.  I wasn't looking for this to happen.  It was a chance meeting that became so much more.  See, I was at my new favorite Vietnamese restaurant the other day and I ordered pho, but by some lucky miracle they were out.  So I asked the owner what soup I should have.  He told me the Bun Bo Hue.

Sweet Jesus and ice cream, it is the most delicious thing I've ever eaten!  The broth is a little spicy, a little salty, and very lemon grassy.  It has noodles and beef and pork and mint and cilantro and green onions and I ate about a gallon of it.  Now, there are things in this soup that are not for everyone.  For one, there's tendon.  I know Matt is very anti-tendon, but the pieces are big enough that you can avoid them and he still likes this soup.  Sometimes - and it may depend on whether you ask for it or whether you're Vietnamese - there's steamed pig's blood.  The first time I got it sans pig blood - it just came that way.  The second time I ordered it, the owner asked me if I wanted it with the pig's blood.  I gave it a shot.  I was surprised at how much flavor it added.  Psychologically, it's a little weird to be eating steamed blood, but in the end, I figure if I can eat meat, why not blood?

At this point I know I've lost a lot of you.  You're going, "Um, Dorothy, that sounds repellant.  Why would I ever put that stuff in my mouth?"  The thing is, while I really like the tendon and the pig's blood, it's still wonderfully delicious without it.  If you go into a Vietnamese restaurant and they have Bun Bo Hue, most likely they have it available without pig's blood.  The tendon, you might have to pick out yourself, but like I said, it's easy to eat around it.

I've been in love with pho for a long time.  I still love pho, but it, and my husband, will have to make room for a new love.  Since I discovered it last week, I've eaten it thrice.  And I would have eaten it more, but it was logistically impossible.  You won't need three guesses to figure out what I'm having for dinner tonight, though.

Seriously, though, if you like Vietnamese food at all and you're not a vegetarian/vegan, go find this soup.  Not all Vietnamese places have it, but Google Bun Bo Hue and your city name and you're sure to come up with something.  Actually, I just tested this theory using the very small town where my sisters live and there are two places that serve Bun Bo Hue, apparently, so anyone reading this blog should be good to go.


Take That, David Lynch

I'm standing in front of the old house with black shutters.  I hear someone crying inside the house.  I open the screen door and follow the sound.  At first I think it's coming from the kitchen, but when I get to the kitchen, the sound seems to be in the living room.  In the living room, I hear the crying upstairs.  

I try to climb the stairs but when I look more closely, I realize it's just a steep ramp and have to pull myself up by the bannister.  By the time I get upstairs the crying is very loud.  I walk down the hall to a closed door and when I open it, I'm already on the other side looking out to where I've just been.  The crying is behind me and I turn, but then I'm the one crying.

I go to the window and look down and see myself standing outside and know I have to yell to myself to wait because I have to get the baby out before the house falls down.  I grab the baby from the bassinet and yell to myself outside.  Then I throw the baby out the window.

Then I'm outside again, and I know I have to catch the baby and I grab for it, but I can't get a grip and it keeps slipping out of my hands back into the air.  I run in circles trying to catch it, but I can't.  I look up to the window I threw the baby from and see myself standing there watching and then I realize that I won't ever catch the baby and then the baby disappears and I'm standing in front of the house again.

This was not the strangest dream I had last night.