Let Me Alphebetize the Ways, Part II

Now for the N - Z list:

Narrative Magazine - original writing, free content with a great app for both iPhone and iPad.

Osborne, Robert - the host of most things TCM and a veritable font of classic movie information.  Even if I don't end up watching the movie he's presenting, I love to hear him talk about it.

Peripatetic - probably my favorite word of all time. I first heard it listening to the soundtrack to A Chorus Line when I was little. The word quintessence is in the same song. Fantastic.

Quail - a delicious little game bird that lays delicious little eggs.  Prepare it any way you like and I'll happily eat it. Mmmm.

Ruins - I've written about this before here, bit it's still true that I love stuff that's falling down and decaying. I love pictures of it, but more, I love to be among ruins. Apart from the major ruins where tourists flock, most ruins are quiet and heavy and so full of stories.

Swimming - anytime, anywhere, but especially in a calm ocean at night. In a former life, my boyfriend had a boat and we used to sail to Catalina and swim off the boat at night in Isthmus Cove.  Lovely.

Tomatoes in the summer.

Utah Phillips - Wobbly, singer, songwriter, grassroots activist, storyteller and dedicated human being. This was a man who believed in what he said and worked to do good for others. You can agree with his politics or not, but there's no denying he was in it for the long haul - no apologies, no explanations.

Vacation - leaving Saturday for NoCal and couldn't be more thrilled to be getting the fuck out of the goddamned desert for a while.

Wonder Woman - she's a lifelong obsession for me. I'm waiting for the day someone arrives at my door to reveal my true identity and present me with my outfit and magic lasso.

X-Acto knives - they're good and sharp and allow precision cutting of a multitude of materials (up to and including the occasional finger).  Exceptionally good for snowflakes and stencils, but also useful for cutting tags out of clothing.

Yoo-hoo - chocolate is the only flavor for me. It takes me back to my grandparents' house in the summer, feeding the squirrel out in the back of the house drinking Yoohoo and listening soo hard for the ice cream truck so I could get my Orange Pushup and a Screwball.

Zero entry pools. They're really nice.  I like not having to commit up to my waist all at once. Genius idea, so much more natural. Of course, you need quite a bit of space to pull it off, but I'm all for big pools.