Let Me Alphebetize the Ways, Part I

Lately, I've been Wendy Whiner.  As an antidote to that, I'm starting a list of things I like a lot.  To be fair, I'm doing it alphabetically.  Here's A-M:

Austen, Jane - I've always loved her writing, but I haven't read her for a while and I picked up Mansfield Park again recently as I was between books and was delighted all over again.

Bioluminescence - fireflies are always cool, but my favorite is marine bioluminescence where the water lights up when you move it or waves lit by millions of tiny, glowing swimmers.  There's a place in Puerto Rico that has the highest concentration of bioluminescence in the world.  You can kayak out into it at night and then swim.  When you dip a paddle into the water, the water lights up.  It's fantastic.

Charcuterie - because bacon, sausage, ham & pate are delicious.

Disinter - it's a wonderful word for digging something up.  This could also have been defenestrate, which is a lovely word for throwing something (including oneself) out a window.

8tracks.com - and the iPhone app.  My new favorite way to listen to music.

Forensic Files - my favorite TV show with new DVDs available.  If there was a way I could be a forensic analyst without having to take science classes (at which I am crap) I would spend my days doing something in this field.  Probably forensic graphology or serology, but pathology is also fascinating.

Gastronomy - everyone knows by now how much I love food.

Happy Hour - self-explanatory.

I'd Know You Anywhere - a quite well-written book by Laura Lippman.  It's creepy and thought provoking in all the best ways.

Jollity - both the word itself and what it means.

Killing, The - the series on AMC.  I know it's based on a Danish show which many people say is superior, but this show stands by itself.  I'll try to get a hold of the Danish show when I can, but for now, I'm totally satisfied.

Lovers - my new favorite band.  Not to be confused with The Lovers.  This music is relaxing and upbeat at the same time.  It's multi-purpose music.  You could run to it, or sleep to it.  Check it out.

Mashed potatoes - again, not explanations necessary.


Yolk E said...

Bioluminescence. Nice. Most people don't appreciate such things, nor do they appreciate words that subtly onomatopoeic, i.e., awkward. marinateyourlife.blogspot.com does; I don't know if you read her, but she totally gets it :-)

Dorothy said...

I have never read marinateyourlife, but will definitely check it out. Thanks for the rec!