Friends with money?

I recently lost a friend to wealth.  She married someone famous, which helped her further her own career.  This was awesome for her.  In the last few years, though, she's lost her grip.  Whereas I'm stressed about mortgage payments, getting my health insurance right, and paying off student loans, she's stressed about getting her beach house renovation done before summer, whether her au pair can travel with them, and what 'service' they're going to get to take care of their penthouse in New York while they're away for the summer and possibly longer while her husband is on location.  It's like trying to be friends with Oprah.  She's forgotten what it's like not to be able to do, literally, anything she wants to do.

I realized that our friendship was over when she said something about the beach house being 'only' 3,500 square feet, after saying she saw a dress at Carolina Herrera that she thought I should buy.  Yeah.

We really have nothing left in common besides a past.  It's not like I've declared that we are no longer friends.  It's just that I realized that we aren't friends anymore.  Life has taken us in very different directions and we just don't have anything left for each other.  I like her.  She likes me.  And I will remember our youth together fondly.

But goddamn, if she hasn't forgotten what regular people are like.