Yoga Bags

Yoga seems to be everywhere these days and yet no one  makes a decent, all-purpose yoga bag.  It's maddening.  I'm considering actually making a bag to suit me.  This would be the greatest idea ever if only I knew how to design or sew anything.  Plus, materials are a real conundrum.  I think natural materials are best, but a sog-proof compartment is necessary for the icky-warm-wet post-class clothes/towel.  What's really required are two bags in one.  Actually no.  Three bags.  You need the bag with a toiletries compartment and shoe compartment/bag for your dry clothes/towel/post-class necessities; you need the bag with the waterproof/wipeable lining for the sweaty, smelly stuff, and you need the mat bag.

I don't like the strap-it-to-the-bottom method of mat carriage.  It's too wide for me and I don't like the idea of my mat, which I will lie exposed and half-naked upon, albeit on a towel, touching the ground if I put the bag down.  Ew.  Especially since, apparently, it's spitting season here in Vegas.  I've seen more people spit in the last few weeks than ever in my life.  Seriously?  If you have something in your mouth so vile you can't swallow it, don't leave it where I might step in it, please, 'kay?  Thanks.  That's what tissues are for.

Back to my bag, though.  Ideally, it would be a kind of longish bag, shaped kind of like this Sundara bag (click the pic for a link to the Etsy store):
But wider, with separate compartments with zippers and two straps so you could wear it like a backpack if you wanted to.

Maybe I'm the only person who has this problem, but I can't actually believe that.  As a regular practitioner of hot yoga, I need to be able to, occasionally, shower and be presentable immediately after class.  This means that sometimes I need to be able to carry makeup, a brush, possibly a hair dryer, shoes, clothes, and shampoo.  And I like to be able to leave things in my bag - extra top and shorts, headbands, rubberbands, barrettes, lotion, tampons.  It isn't hard.

I don't care if the bag gets heavy when it's loaded, but I'd like to have the space to load it and carry everything I need simultaneously in one bag.  So if anyone out there is a bag designer, get on this, please.  If there are bags that will hold 14 tennis rackets, I know this is possible.


hannahjustbreathe said...

This is one thing I actually really love about my yoga studio---as an annual member, I get to use the annual member mats. Meaning, I don't have to carry one around. Meaning, I don't need to even have a yoga bag.

That said, I understand your frustration. I see some *really* weird looking bag-like things come through the yoga studio.

Dorothy said...

That's an awesome feature! I may petition my studio owner to institute that. Even as a pay service - like towels at the gym - it would save a lot of hassle.

sundarastudio said...

Thanks for mentioning my bag! You are totally right about big bags a necessity for yoga. Totally what I had in mind after using a skinny little bag that fits.... only a yoga mat. What the? Why? I don't have a bag yet that suits all your needs but have been working on the idea of a total all-in-one bag with some custom designs already out in the world. Let me know if you are keen to see them.


Dorothy said...

I love your mat bag! And I would love to see your custom designs! Please feel free to email them to me. My email is in my profile. I'm excited that someone with the skill to make a bag actually saw this post.