Not All Right

As the Academy Awards are only weeks away, I'm going to be ranting a bit about nominations. This is only the beginning. Sorry.

I'm gonna say it. The Kids are All Right is not all right. It's also not a comedy (WTF HFP?) or particularly progressive. Maybe for main stream cinema it's slightly unusual because there are lesbians invovled, but it's thematically workaday and unimaginative.

The relationship dynamic has been overplayed for years: control-freak overachiever married to a free-spirited hippy-esque pothead. Not that Annette Benning didn't give a good performance as the control freak. Julianne Moore was also good. Sadly her character was as unevenly written as the rest of the movie.

The kids (character-wise) aren't particularly engaging and Mark Ruffalo's character is unappealing, which makes his allure to a lesbian confusing.

Overall, it's fine, but the only reason it's been nominated for anything is because it's based on a lesbian relationship and that irritates me. A lot.

This is no tour de force. Actually, it borders on boring. Everyone is so average and normal that, in the end, I wondered why the story was even worth telling. If you haven't seen it, here's a summary: all relationships have ups and downs, but if everyone tries hard things will be okay. The End.

If this movie wins any more awards, I'll be really pissed.


hannahjustbreathe said...

You know, I haven't seen "The Kids Are Alright" yet, but everyone I talk to seems to LOVE it. So this post is extremely interesting to me. I really need to watch it soon though, so I can just formulate my own opinion.

I will say this, though. If Natalie Portman doesn't win for "Black Swan," I will be SO SAD for her. Because that movie was ridiculously good and she---she was phenomenal!

Dorothy said...

Yeah, I'm often the lone dissenter in these things. I think one of the only people on the planet who activley hates The English Patient. Not that I hated The Kids are All Right, I just don't think it's award-worthy. Natalie Portman or Jennifer Lawrence winning would satisfy me. I thought they were both devastatingly good.