My creative stores have been depleted. Writing, knitting, drawing... I have no ideas right now.

I keep writing (not here, obviously), but it's bad. I pick up my knitting and hope that something fun will occur to me, but it hasn't. I feel dry.

I've had writing slumps before, but this is different. This is a more broad-based depletion of anything interesting in my brain. It's frustrating.

I guess I need to put more stuff in to get anything out. Normally, I would look forward to a gluttonous diet of art and literature to get me back on track, but right now, I'm just not into it. I finished Await Your Reply by Dan Chaon (really good) last week and I haven't picked up another book since and I don't feel like reading much of anything or devoting thought to much of anything.

It upsets me a little, as I've had an ongoing battle with depression for lots of my life and this seems like a prelude to something. Or maybe I'm just ready for winter to be done.

There's nothing like spring rain to cure a drought.


Catherine said...

"Or maybe I'm just ready for winter to be done."

Amen to that, sister. This week is historically the coldest week of winter. Come Saturday night, you will find me sitting on my porch, calling down some temps in the 40s, please??? (OK, maybe that won't be true: Forecast is for 2 degrees here Saturday night. But that kind of underscores my desperation.)

I hope you're still hanging in, and the "prelude to something" was a prelude to a mind-blowing burst of creative inspiration. Right? *hugs*

hannahjustbreathe said...

Oh, my dear. I'm so sorry---I certainly have not been coming 'round and helping to water the well at all, have I? Please forgive me.

If it makes you feel any better, at least your winter hasn't included a record-breaking already 50 inches of snow!! And it is snowing AGAIN, RIGHT NOW, AS I FREAKING TYPE THIS. Shoot me.

Perhaps we need to strike up the pen pal exchange again... Maybe if we put our words into the Post, a little inspiration will find its way back to us...

Dorothy said...

Thanks, Ladies! I always appreciate your support.