What I Know So Far

Life is not fair. The sooner we acknowledge that the better off we are.

Self-help books and books about how to make a million dollars are worthless because both things require a fuckload more than a book to accomplish. And a lot of work. Although the surefire way to make a million dollars seems to be to write a book about how to make a million dollars. Hm.

There will be people who won't like you. It's okay.

Milk is generally unkind to my digestive tract.

Self-doubt afflicts everyone sometimes. If it happens too much, though, you should seek professional help.

Follow-through is important, but there will be times when we can't finish what we start. Don't worry about it too much, but don't make it a habit, either.

First impressions are not built on what you look like.

If you pay attention, people will always tell you everything you need to know about themselves. Believe what they say.

Over-the-counter is not full prescription strength - no matter what the package says.

Simple ≠ Easy

Green is not my color.

Really comfortable shoes that aren't hideous, like really great lipstick, will be discontinued, so buy them in quantity.

Hollandaise is relatively easy to make (damn).

Pay attention to the road.

Double knots are your friends.

Choose your words carefully.

The things you hate the most last the longest (this includes people).

Be nice, not a doormat.

Perfection is non-existent. Stop looking for it.

Life is hard sometimes.

Acknowledge and move on.

People who don't like chocolate are not to be trusted.

Well done is a way to live your life, not order your meat.

Laugh at yourself and with others.

Be willing to change your mind, but know your mind.

Fear can be overcome.  Regrets linger.

Know where your flashlights are (and make sure the batteries are good).

Learn how to:  change a tire, change a fuse, unclog a sink and a toilet, shut off the water, rewire a lamp, read a map, use a compass, and jumpstart a car because you will eventually need to know.

Be careful of your tone of voice.

For the love of Sweet Tapdancing Christ on a Bed of Lettuce, enjoy yourself.  Life is either way too short or way too long to be miserable.


hannahjustbreathe said...

I bet if you sold this list, you'd make a million dollars. Just sayin'.

You are a wise woman, my friend. Very wise indeed.

Catherine said...

I love this. Going to try to follow a bunch of these as I enter what I expect will be a challenging couple of days in San Diego (alas, no rain, but I am not one to complain about 80 degrees, either).

Thanks for this list!

Dorothy said...

HJB - I don't know about selling the list, but I am considering writing a self-help book for people who spend all their money on get-rich books.

Catherine - I hope your weekend is more pleasant than difficult. At least there's a beach?

Catherine said...

You know, I just came across another list you posted that I copied and pasted into a desktop note. That one starts with "Work hard, but work smart," and ends with "Halloween is the best holiday of the year (Boo!)"

You could totally sell your lists. Maybe like those plastic, credit-card-size, cheesy-inspirational wallet inserts?