Raining Nostalgia

Fall has arrived here in Vegas.  I know because it's been raining.  I love the rain.  And I love the fall.  Even though fall in Vegas isn't what I'd call a true fall because it's still 75 degrees and my back yard is still in bloom.  But the days are getting shorter and the evenings are becoming crisp.

But the rain is what makes me nostalgic.  I can't quite figure out what it is about it, but rainy fall days are the days that I think about making out with my boyfriend in the park at lunchtime.  I think about the smell of the coffee house where, as a teenager, I spent the bulk of my time.  I think about the sounds of the kitchens of my friends.  I wonder about those people I used to know - even the ones I don't really like.  I have bits of conversations come trickling into my head.  From nowhere, I hear the laughs of my friends, past and present.  I remember pumpkin carving parties and homecoming dances.  I remember movie-going with friends - coats and scarves taking almost as much room as we did.  I think about trying to use the windshield wipers to get the wet leaves off before giving up and getting out to do it for real.  I used to bundle up and take an umbrella and a towel and walk the deserted beach  until my calves ached and the rain penetrated my skin.  Then I would walk the way back to the car, throw off the top layer of clothes and crank up the heat and drive home.

There are some many lovely things to remember.  And yet, it's a good thing the rain here is rare, because there are so many lovely things still to do.


Catherine said...

Rain and 75 degrees and backyard still in bloom? Yes, please.

I'm going back to visit San D in a few weeks, and while my friends have been complaining about the rain, I not-so-secretly hope it returns while I'm there, so I can have the *exact* deserted beach walk you describe.

Dorothy said...

Ah, San Diego is perfect for rainy beach walks. I hope you get your rain!