New Nemesis

Go ahead, pop the champagne and throw the streamers because after almost three years of yoga, I finally got standing bow/dancer's pose. I know. I won't let it go to my head, though.

Actually, my body sees to it that the victories never outweigh the struggles. Standing bow already has a replacement in the archnemesis department. Moriarty is replaced by Blofeld. That's how I think of binds.

I can't do a full bind. Even though my shoulders are a lot looser than they used to be, I still lack range of motion behind my back. Partly from swimming competitively for so many years and partly because my thoracic spine is curved and less flexible than either my cervical or lumbar spine, I can't get twisted enough to get my arm around back. I find it most vexing.

I've recently started practicing binds with a strap so I have some leverage to gain flexibility, but it isn't very fun. Actually, right now, I fucking hate binds. Bound side angle or spine twist is usually how I practice. Sometimes I go with a bound half lotus. All variations are equally difficult for me to get into, though, and it irks me.

The thing is, I want Bird of Paradise. A really lot. It looks so fun. I can do it with a strap, but I want to go strapless. Let's whip off those training wheels, already! I mean, sure, I'll probably fall on my ass, but I'm short so the fall won't be far.

I know it will eventually happen. One day I'll reach and my other hand will be there. And I know that practice is the key. Practice to become flexible and practice to stay flexibe -- in all things, really. Ah, well. And there's another yoga lesson. Damn it.