I pulled into the big, unpaved parking lot and navigated to the edge closest to the building.  The car was packed full of people, almost clown-car style.  One of the passengers yelled, "Oooh!  What's that?" and pointed between the two front seats to a creature digging furiously in the lay-by.  I had seen it vaguely as we pulled in, but hadn't paid much attention to it.  But now, as she pointed it out, it took clearer shape.  I was halfway out of the car when I realized it was a lion.  "Everybody get back in the car," I said as calmly as possible.  "Why?  What's wrong?" someone asked.  "It's a lion," I said.  "It's all the way over there.  Don't worry about it," someone else said.  So I got out of the car and started towards the building across a lawn, but the lion noticed us and started to charge.  "Get in the car.  Now!" I said.  I got into the car, but there were so many passengers, the lion covered the distance before all the doors were shut.  It leaped on the hood and started butting the windshield with its head.  I started driving, doors open and people hanging out.  As I pulled onto the road, a woman in the back said, "We have to go back.  I left my purse."  "We can't go back," I said.  "It's probably gone by now," someone else said.  "Yeah, and we can just drive by and I can open the door and grab it.  We don't even have to stop," the purse woman said.  So I turned around.  By the time we got back to where the purse was, it was dark.  The woman thought it was in the middle of the lot and pointed to a shape on the ground.  When I approached, it was a mass of snakes.  I drove around the parking lot in a big circle and as I was making my way back out, someone yelled, "I see it!"  I thought they meant the purse, but it was the lion.  It was huge now and running directly for the side of the car.  It hit and the car started to roll.

When I woke up, all I could think was why did I let them talk me into that?  And now I have to figure out what's the lion and where the purse is.