Ten in Ten

Tonight I finished my tenth yoga class in ten days. I felt like I needed to kind of rededicate myself to my practice after vacations and company and moving. So I've been going and going to yoga, and tonight, I'm tired.

My muscles are fatigued and heavy, my joints are stiff and achy, I have bruises on the backs of my arms from trying to 'jump' into chataranga from crow, and I'm all around spent. I would like nothing more than a hot bath - which is filling as I write this. I'm not feeling in peak physical condition just yet, but in spite of the physical symptoms, I feel great.

I've felt rutted lately. Everything maintaining, but nothing really moving. I like routine, but it's all too easy for routine to become monotony and that breeds laziness and I've been lazy about the things that are important to me.

But no more. I feel reinvigorated and ready to get things moving again.

I have a lot of ideas I want to put into action and the energy (well, not tonight) to get them going. I'm excited about the remainder of the year - or the New Year because today is/was Rosh Hoshana. I'm not Jewish, but I like the opportunity to start afresh whenever possible...

This is why yoga is awesome. It gushes into everything - if you just let it (and do it).

So here's to new years, fresh starts and breaking out. L'shana Tova!