Quirks, eccentricities, idiosyncrasies... Call them what you like.  We all have them.  And they're really funny when you think about them.  They unite us all in our humanity.  Every day, I add to my own list.  Matt laughed out loud for more than a few seconds the first time I pulled a pair of socks out of the trash to turn them right-side out, only to throw them away again.  I love the foibles of us all.  I think if we could share more of them, we'd be able to take each other both more and less seriously.  We could see our commonalities and laugh at ourselves.  So in the spirit of bringing us closer together, here are some of the crazy, silly, hilarious things I do:

-I keep all my movie stubs.  All of them.

-I have to roll up adding machine tape, register tape, etc. before I throw it away.  If it goes in the trash without being rolled, I have to take it out and roll it up.

-The sock thing.  Trash or not, they need to be right-side out.

-My clothes have to be arranged by leg or sleeve length and by color, facing the same direction.

-Before I kill a spider (of any size or variety), I prepare by taking three breathes in quick succession and then executing the task on the last out breath.  And then I apologize to the spider and explain (out loud) that if it had stayed outside, we could have had a peaceful relationship.

-I name inanimate objects.  Not all of them, but my basil plant is named Basil.  My stapler is named Stan.  Why?  I don't know.

-I talk to myself out loud - a lot.

-And for the last:  I eat peas, M&Ms, and all small, individual foods in even numbers, unless by doing so will leave a poor loner on the plate, in which case it gets added to the last forkful/handful.

There are plenty more, but you get the idea.  Now you know.  Laugh, tease, roll your eyes, and take it for what it is.