So I burned myself. Literally. In a disadvantageous spot (although that's anywhere you burn yourself, I think). Steaming a tablecloth.

The disadvantageous spot is my right breast/armpit It makes clothing even less comfortable than usual and yoga, well, a challenge. I've only done a couple of classes with the burn so far, but they've been...uncomfortable.

Here's what happened: I was getting ready for some dinner guests and got out a tablecloth that I hadn't used for quite a while. It had some serious fold lines, so I threw the cloth over one of the shower-curtain rods to steam it. Side one went smoothly. Then I had a brainwave: instead of pulling the whole thing down and turning it, I'll just do the other side in the tub. The flaw: the wall was closer to my elbow than I realized and as I was pulling the steamer, I hit the wall and lost my grip on the steamer and dropped it right on myself. And because I was sort of tangled in cloth it probably took about a second and a half for me to throw it off.

Oh, and did I mention I was topless when I did it? So the steam had direct contact with some very sensitive skin. Yeah. So lessons? Don't steam from inside the tub. And wear a top. And don't allow the steam to come in contact with your skin. Okay. Check, check, check.

Now I just have to wait two or three weeks and everything will be hunky dory.

Sometimes I feel like such an idiot.


hannahjustbreathe said...


Okay, sorry, I'm not laughing AT you and your burn. That sucks. I'm sorry. Feel better!

But... "Sometimes I feel like such an idiot" is pretty much the tagline to my life. And that's why I just had to laugh.


Dorothy said...

I'm pretty sure that, if we're all honest, that's the tagline for a lot of us. Sometimes I wonder if I have a brain at all...

Catherine said...

Owwwww!!!! Hope it gets to healing very, very soon.

Dorothy said...

Thanks, Catherine! The doctor tells me a week will get me past the most painful/annoying part. That'll be nice.