Baptiste Master

On Sunday I was privileged to take a team-taught class with my usual, wonderful Baptiste teacher, Zeek, and Deborah Williamson, a Baptiste Master-Level teacher.  It was incredible.  And awesome in the true sense of the word.

I didn't know what to expect of a team-taught class.  It was amazing.  The collaboration beween Zeek and Deborah was perfect.  They really worked together, shared, fed off each other.  The energy was incredible and palpable.

The room was crowded.  The temperature started out coolish.  We worked hard - we had no choice - and by the time we finished, the room was HOT and drippy and we were all tired - but smiling.

The class went fast, even though we went for almost two hours.  Both Zeek and Deborah picked their way through the mats and did lots of adjustments and demonstrations.  They traded dialog seamlessly, their enthusiasm well-matched and contagious.  

Deborah had us going into some of the more advanced poses, stuff that took a lot of coordination that will take more practice to really get.  And as I was trying to get into a revolved standing split and feeling frustrated that I couldn't get it, Deborah reminded us that this is the first time we were doing the pose and that there was no way we were going to get there today and to be okay with that.  She reminded us that the attempt to go further is where we always start a journey.  It was a really great reminder because lately, I've felt stagnate.

The attempt.  Start.  Try.  You may not get there today.  In fact, you probably won't, but the attempt indicates a desire towards growth.  The desire, nurtured, will get you there.  But you have to keep attempting it.  Whatever it is.

Whatever it is.


Dirty Kitten said...

Dude. What happened to your readers? Looks like they've gone to parts unknown.

Kidding. I always read and never comment. I'm a shitty friend.

Seriously, though, Lu and I are going to Park City tomorrow for the Foundations in Action. I'm totally psyched. What do you think the chances are that Deborah Williamson will be there?

Dorothy said...

Kit - you are a shitty friend, going to a Baptiste weekend without telling me AND then pointing out my seeming lack of popularity. Sigh. Anyway, Zeek will be at the weekend and he's awesome, bit I don't know about DW. It seems likely, but I can't say. Have a great time! Pictures and stories when you get home, too!