Mat Musings - Literally

My favorite yoga mat is sick. Prognosis negative. I love this mat, but it's beginning to hold too much moisture and, well, it's getting ratty looking.

So now I have a problem. See, my soon-to-be former mat was free from a team-building 'retreat' at one of my old jobs. The retreat was the best part of the job and I got an awesome mat out of the deal. I've had it for about ten years.

I have a backup mat. It works fine, but it isn't my favorite - especially for the cooler temperature classes where I occasionally work without a towel. The problem with the backup mat is that it's too sticky. Which seems impossible, but I have to shake my hand like a cat with tape on it's paw to free my hand from it's grip. Too sticky.

So I'm in the market for a new mat of good quality. The problem? Even though I do a hell of a lot of yoga, $150 seems like a lot.

Sure, I want to have an environmentally friendly mat, but come on, mat manufacturers! $150? It's a tough nut to swallow.

I've asked around and there seem to be two schools of thought where mats are concerned: 1. Splurge on a good, top-quality mat because it will last. 2. The mat is secondary to your practice, why spend that much on something insignificant?

So I'm at a loss. I'm looking for input from my fellow yoga practitioners because I'm going to have to address this soon.

The saddest part is that I'll have to sat goodbye to a favorite. Maybe I can cut off a corner and frame it as a remembrance of a decade's worth of service? Maybe not...

Suggestions welcome.