It Has Begun

Summer, that is. In a matter of about three days the temperatures have gone from quite pleasant to absolutely painful. It's like hell on a particularly warm day.

At 8:30 this morning it was 82. By 10, it was already 92. Ack. I'm not made for this. I hate the sticky-icky film that covers my entire body the minute I step outside. It also doesn't really make me want to step foot in the hot room to do any kind of yoga.

Matt and I had a discussion yesterday about how he'd rather live with the heat than the cold. I see his point. But he's never lived anywhere that requires more than a jacket in winter, so he's not really qualified to make that call. I hate winter, but I'd give at least half of my shoe collection for a light frost right now. Just to cool everything off and remove the stickiness.

The next few months will be hard. I'll feel like a roast by the time the temperatures start to cool off in October. Until then, I'll keep the blinds drawn and the air on and hope the power doesn't go out.


Kristie said...

I hate the summer. Hate it. It was 102 here today. I don't even want to know what July and August will bring this year. Gotta love Dallas.

Dorothy said...

And I hear it's rather humid down your way... At least I have a very dry heat. Not that once you get into the 110s it matters much what the humidity is like... It's too hot all the way around.