Fun Stuff

So, I've had an entertaining couple of weeks.  

On Memorial Day Weekend, we went to Flight of the Conchordsat the Hollywood Bowl.  It was a lot of fun and a really great show.  If you're not familiar with their work, look at this, and this, and this.  Anyway, I love the Hollywood Bowl.  We parked in the Hollywood Dellat the home of one of Wilbur's fancy-pants friends (thanks for saving us $20) and then walked the couple of blocks to the park at the Bowl.  We picnicked with sandwiches from Bay Cities Deli, some delicious salads we made beforehand, and some rose and a great little pinot.  We had unbelievably good seats and took dessert (pastries from Viktor Benes) in with us.  

They played all of my favorites, Albi the Racist Dragon, Rhymnocerous and Hiphopopotamus, I'm Not Crying...  Okay, their almost all my favorites.  The thing that I found interesting is their stage presence.  It's really just the two of them and their guitars.  I was a little skeptical that they could really 'handle' the Hollywood Bowl.  I've seen more than a few shows get swallowed whole by the enormity of the place.  But they were great.  And they sold the place out - which I was also glad to see.

Then, the week before last, I went back to LA to help Wilbur out after a surgery. I realize how much I miss it there.  I love it. Anyway, Wilbur and I saw Exit Through the Gift Shop and we saw it at the Arclight Hollywood, which is hands-down my favorite move theater ever.  We had an appetizer and a couple of drinks before the movie on the cafe patio which is a great place to watch people.  The movie is great. It's really thought provoking and left me with a busy brain.  Even if it turns out to be not entirely what it seems.  If it's playing where you live and you like art, I highly recommend it. And if it's not playing near you, I suggest dropping it in your Netflix queue.

The next day, we had brunch on the patio at the King's Road Cafe with another friend of ours.  I love patio seating.  More now since Vegas is really not a patio kind of place for a lot of the year - between the wind and the heat, outdoor dining really loses its appeal.  We had a delightful conversation and a delicious meal before heading home for naps.  

The day after that Wilbur and I went to Umami Burger.  Um... Yum.  I had the Kombu #3. With fries and a side of roasted garlic aioli.  So good.  And reasonably priced and not gigantic.  The burger is a really manageable size and the sides are good sized, but not ridiculous.  We had planned to see a movie that day and so walked over to the Arclight again afterwards, but we were between shows, so we had another drink in the cafe and then I took Wilbur to vote.  After voting, we picked up dinner (like we needed it) from Hugo's Tacos and watched the Laker game.  

Wilbur and I also saw Micmacs.  It's a delightful little movie by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the writer/director of AmelieA Very Long Engagement, and my favorite, Delicatessen.  It's whimsical and sweet and in many ways, cartoonish in it's color values and subject matter.  As Wilbur put it, "It was like a live-action Pixar movie."  Yep.  And all the better for it.  

And finally, on my last full day in LA, we drove out Sunset to PCH and had lunch at Paradise Cove and watched the surfers.

Then, last Friday, Matt and I saw Symphonicity, which is Sting's tour with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra.  It was really enjoyable.  A lot of his music lends itself really well to orchestral backing, but the big surprises for me were Next to You, Moon Over Bourbon Street, and Desert Rose.  They were all really great.  I almost said no to going - which a lot of people in Vegas apparently did, because the show was far from full - but I'm really glad that we got tickets - even though everyone there (besides Matt and me) was 50+ and made me feel extra old.  Again, if you have a chance to see this, it's really fun and musically delightful.  

Finally (and I know you're sighing the same thing right now), I went to a Baptiste workshop on Saturday.  It ended up being 3+ hours of yoga and lecture.  Really, the first hour was a lot of correction and Q&A and modifications and not very strenuous at all.  But then we did another two hours of straight yoga.  It was awesome.  I got a great correction for my chaturanga and for my Parivrtta Trikonasana (aka Revolved Triangle).   I came home entirely exhausted and pretty sore, but entirely excited and ready to save money for one of next year's Level 1 Trainings.  

I hope this isn't a case of all the fun stuff happening at once... 


LiLu said...

Ahhh I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to see Flight of the Conchords!!! I even named my cat Murray :-)

Dorothy said...

You're the shit, Lilu. Murry is an awesome name for a cat (as is Axe Murderer), made even awesomer by knowing it's because of FOTC's Murry.

hannahjustbreathe said...

I'm beginning to think Dorothy is dead. What a tragedy! Come back! Come back!!!