Now that I've finished pulling a Kerrigan*, I can tell you this:  My name is Dorothy and I'm a bookaholic.  I'm the nerd who has her books in a database.  In LibraryThing (which is the coolest thing ever), my personal collection of books numbers 801 and that doesn't include anything I've acquired in the last year.  So you see I have a problem.

I try not to buy books from the megachains, but I do maintain an Amazon wishlist because it's a really easy way to keep track of the books I want to read.  I only use it for books and I've tried other means of keeping track, but I get all drunk on the smell of paper and binding glue and ink so when I go into a bookstore I blank out.  I'm mesmerized by the pretty colors and covers and all of a sudden $200 later I don't have a single book that I intended to get.  Yeah.  See?  Even writing about it has made me slightly giddy and I sort of forgot where I was going which is:

As of today, my Amazon wishlist contains 1,001 things.  I added the 1,001th (yes, I said oneth) thing this morning.  I've had the same wishlist for a long time, but still...  1,001.  If I read two books a week, didn't add anything new, and only read what's on the list, it would take me the better part of 10 years to finish.  And still, I cannot delete any of them.  Because it might hurt their feelings.  Plus, I can't stop adding things.  That would be unfair, too.


*pulling a Kerrigan:  crying and whining 'why me?' when it's obvious that life is life and sometimes bad shit happens.  Named for whiny bitch extrodinaire Nancy Kerrigan.


Kristie said...

I, too, am a bookaholic! I love the phrase "pulling a Kerrigan!"
We must be the same age because I get all of your sarcasm and wit and can relate to the same things as you! :) I'm 35!
Thanks for the well wishes for my father. I appreciate it!

Dorothy said...

I'm always glad to find a fellow addict. As for age, yes, I'm 35, too. I'm not sure how that happened. I feel like I was just 25 a minute ago. And then I say things like that and I realize that's the kind of crap old people say...

Oh well.

bikramyogachick said...

There is a man here at work who reads his kindle everyday at lunch. Though I am always pulled toward technology toys of any type, the kindle eludes me. I need to hold a book in my hands. I went to the library last weekend and got lost in the stacks. It was sheer bliss! :)

Dorothy said...

I know what you mean about the ereaders. I mean, I see the functionality - especially if you travel a lot, but I'd end up with duplicates (paper and e copies) and it seems silly.