I haven't been able to keep up with my life for the last few weeks.  Somehow days come to a close and I haven't gotten done all that I'd wanted to.  I am behind in:
-Returning calls
-Returning emails
-Grocery shopping
-The refrigerator (it needs cleaning out - a lot.  The other day, I found a container of cream cheese that was dated FEBRUARY)

I know I'll catch up, but the prospect of starting is daunting.  I need to get the oars in the oatmeal and just start to row.  Sometimes, though, I wish I had a magic wand.


hannahjustbreathe said...

So, I read this post twice trying to find the corrolation to the title "Ketchup" until your clever play on words finally sunk in.

It is SOOOOO a Monday.

And, I hear you. I'm behind on, well, EVERYTHING, too. I wish we could climb in the boat together and each take an oar. Would make the rowing so much easier...

Tight hug.

Dorothy said...

Like Ernie and the string, catch up has, since Pulp Fiction always been ketchup because of that stupid joke Uma Thruman told John Travolta when she was telling him about the pilot she made for a show called (I think) Foxforce Five.

Yes, a rowing partner would be divine. Which reminds me of The Water is Wide, "And both shall row, my love and I..."

Thanks for the hug. ^_____^

Dorothy said...