Okay...  I have another Facebook complaint.  It's Farmville.  What the hell, people?  Don't you have enough to do?  In the last few days the number of 'farmers' in my circle of friends has gone crazy.  I had to hide Farmville from my newsfeed because I kept getting updates about how Sherry found a pony or an egg or some fucking thing, or how Marty was building a barn or a stable and needed wood.  And then the requests started coming in.  Will you send Marcia a brick?  NO!  I'm not Farmvilling!

I mean, I get (got) these updates all the livelong day from people at work and then all night from people at home.  Seriously, people, don't Farmville at work.  Especially because I'm pretty sure at least some of you are Facebook friends with your boss.  And while you may say, "Yeah, but my boss is Farmvilling, too."  I say, "Is that something you want to know?"  If you and your boss both have enough time to spend this much time on Facebook, it's time to downsize.  And if you're spending hours at home Farmvilling, make some friends outside of cyberland.

I know games are fun, but seriously folks, it's a VIRTUAL world.  There's a real one right outside your door.  Go live in it.


hannahjustbreathe said...

Farmville is, hands down, the weirdest, freakiest part of Facebook. Seriously, it creeps me out. And it takes all of my being to not judge the people (my very own friends!!) who "play" it. Ugh.

Dorothy said...

Yeah. I judge (clearly). Because I don't understand it and it seems like an egregious waste of time and energy. If it were just 'the kids' doing it, I don't think it would concern me as much, but somehow, it seems alarmingly escapist when the 30+ set is doing it.

I'm half convinced that it's a mind-control experiment by bored neuroscientists.

Dorothy said...