House-hunting Sucks the High Hard One

Yeah.  That about covers it.


hannahjustbreathe said...

Three of my collegues are house-hunting. Their daily commiserations with one another have convinced me that renting actually isn't THAT bad.

Good luck!!!

catherine said...

Yes, yes it does.

And then you have to move.

(My boyfriend and I closed on the 19th, refinished floors that weekend, and moved this past weekend. Head-high stacks of boxes... Tonight, cleaning the apartment.)

Good luck to you. :)

Dorothy said...

There will be a longer post regarding the hunting because Vegas is a crazy place to buy right now, but Hannah, renting is definitely NOT bad at all, all things considered.

However, the hunting is over. We have found our little gem. We have a lender who will close in two weeks and so the next thing is the moving. Not fun, but I've done it enough that I don't mind it.

So thanks for the kind words.

Catherine, enjoy your hard work! And congratulations on getting it done.