Favorable Features Friday

Another installment about the good things in Vegas.

1) Free parking everywhere

2) I just spent an hour in the pool (because it's a gorgeous day)

3) Instead of a certificate for free ice cream when donating blood, I get tickets for Penn @ Teller and hot air balloon rides

4) The Erotic Heritage Museum

5) Bradley Ogden


bikramyogachick said...

#2: is the reason I often contemplate moving back into an apt. I miss a pool!!! Also my water heater blew up last fall. House maint sucks. Go lay out this weekend for an hour in my honor please. Oh, and when it's warm enough I'll put the top down on my convertible, my only release in this damn desert! Great power flow class last Sat! You are so strong! My daugther wants to try baptiste. She has been coming to bikram for her knees and is intrigued by the baptiste/power flow classes. I'll have her watch you, not me if you are there. :)

Dorothy said...

Yeah, pools are way more fun when someone else maintains them. I used to have to clean the pool when I was a kid. It made the whole pool experience much less fun.

That was a good class on Saturday. My first Baptiste class I thought my arms would fall off and the next day I could barely move, but strength builds fast. And I was totally delighted to find out that there are poses
that Yuko can't get into :). Bring the kid to Baptiste. Even if she hates it, she's bound to enjoy Zeek. There was an 11-year-old boy in class on Sunday and he kicked ass. The kids are so much more limber and energetic (little bastards!) that they cruise through like it's nothing.