Have you ever known someone who irritated you for all the reasons you knew you should feel sympathy for them?  I do.  She was, undoubtedly, the kid who was always in the nurse's office in elementary school to avoid PE and had imaginary friends well after everyone else's had disappeared.  The paste-eater.  An only child of indifferent, divorced parents.  An overworked mother and an absent father and no one to talk to.

As she got older, she had serious, unacknowledged self-esteem problems and was desperate for attention of any kind - good or bad - and would have cut off an arm to be liked.  This translated to bad decisions with guys in high school in an attempt to be "cool" and instead became the willing victim to many an unscrupulous male.

She was a teacher's pet.  A room monitor.  The kind of kid who always hoped that maybe a teacher would mention her name in class if she sucked up enough.  But she was the kid even the teachers didn't like.

Then she went to college - to get a new start - where she developed a viscious substance abuse problem and flunked out.  Even this didn't seem to get anyone's attention, though.  She dated a string of wretched men who treated her badly and she let them.

As an adult she's got a neverending stream of pathetic ways to get attention or illicit inquiry.  She's forever talking about "inside jokes" and posts waaaay too much in her Facebook status updates.

Her common-law husband hasn't worked for the entire 8 years they've lived together.  She eats lunch alone in her car (although she thinks no one knows this).

All of this should allow me to feel sympathetic, and yet, it just makes me want to kick her in the shins.  I want to scream at her to get a backbone and stop being such a pathetic mess.

God, there's really something wrong with me.


hannahjustbreathe said...

Yowza. "But she was the kid even the teachers didn't like." That is some serious venting! I kind of love it...

We all have these people in our lives. The ones who we know and look at and just can't help but think, "Get it TOGETHER already!"

Dorothy said...

Yeah. I had some rage. And I do so want to shake her by the shoulders and shout at her that she's doing it to herself now. I won't, though. But I really, really want to.