Tyger! Tyger!

Fear not.  No literary analysis of Blake's poem will sully the frivolity of my blog.  However, it is the first thing that always pops into my head whenever I hear or see the word 'tiger.' 

Anyway...  February 14, 2010 will mark Chinese new year.  The Chinese lunar calendar year will be 4707.  4707 is the year of the White or Metal Tiger.  I was born in the year of the Green or Wood Tiger.  The Metal Tiger could spell disaster for me.  Fortunately, my lucky element is water and I'm a red lamb born in the year of the Green Tiger and my parents are strong earth elements, so I'm okay.  Apparently.  If my lucky element had been fire, I'd have been totally fucked.  Evidently. 

I know exactly jack shit about astrology - Eastern or Western.  Sure I know my sun sign is Scorpio.  I don't know my ascendancy or descendancy.  I don't really care, either.  Astrology hasn't really interested me much since I was about 15 (at which time I had several books on the matter which I cross-consulted with numerology and was prepared to change my name to Miranda in order to have a better harmony with my astrological and numerological components - yeah).  Since then, though, I've forgotton why Miranda would have changed my life or how to calculate my numerology.

I'm not going to Feng Shui my house and I don't have a pendulum (anymore) to discover the best location for the head of my bed.  Nor do I have any mystical stones or crystals anywhere in the vicinity for cleansing.  I've never smudged anything and I absolutely do not subscribe to the Law of Attraction method of anything and  I don't believe in asking the Universe to hear my pleas.

However, I feel like this year is going to be a good one*.  Maybe because I'm set as far as the Chinese zodiac is concerned?  Maybe because I accidentally set fire to some rosemary while making Christmas dinner?  Maybe because Orion was in my ascendant on the day of my birthday (this may or may not be true)?  I don't know why, really.  I only know that I feel like it's going to be good.  I know that it's going to be another year of questions without answers, but I'm feeling optimistic about 2010, 4707, 5770, and any other designation you want to give the forthcoming days.

So have a good year of the Metal Tiger, everyone.

*This should in no way be taken to mean that last year wasn't good.  It was really good.  I just feel like 2010 will be a good one, as well.


hannahjustbreathe said...

I like your optimism, my friend. The year of the tiger does have an encouraging, "go get 'em!" ring to it. Or maybe that's just me...

Either way, this post made me smile.

Dorothy said...

Aw. I'm glad it made you smile.