Know what I hate?  The Lost obsession.  And not becuase  I disdain either TV or obsession w/TV shows (I was totally obsessed with the X-Files for most of its life - at least until Mulder disappeared and fucking Doggit and whateverthefuck Annabeth Gish's character's name was showed up and ruined EVERYTHING).  No, my problem is that Lost SUCKS.  A lot. 

It started fine.  But then  it went all Gilligan's Island with the "others" and then every time you turn around it's let's do the timewarp again and again and again.  It got so far up its own ass it lost sight of everything else.

Somewhere in the third season, th story arcs got so convoluted that it was just boring.  I'm willing to guess along with everyone for a while, but fuck, man.  After a while I like for something to actually mean something.  At first I thought maybe they were making some cool statement about relativity and the ability to manifest thought into reality.  Or not.

So I'm really sick of people asking me about Lost:  do I watch it, did I see the premier (that was three fucking hours long), etc.  For five days now, I've heard nothing but theories about what that three-hour extravaganza meant.  Really?  I guess I can be thankful that this will be the last season.  I hope it all ends in a hail of fire where all the characters  meet their Bizarro counteparts and destroy eachother.


LiLu said...


There. I said it.

God, that feels good.

bikramyogachick said...

It's like a train wreck. You have to look. It's sort of like "now that I've stuck my head down this rabbit hole, I have to see how far down the dumb thing goes".
Currently I'm loving Dexter. Netflix rocks.

Dorothy said...

LiLu - Yay! It's kind of like hating The English Patient - everyone looks at you like you're crazy or slow. I'm glad to have a co-hater.

BYC - I hear ya. I just can't do it, though. Dexter fucking rocks (well at least through season 3, which is as far as I've gotten). Netflix is one of my best friends and if you get the blu-ray with the connection to Netflix so you can instantly watch movies, it's even better.