International Crush Day

Restaurant Refugee has declared this to be International Crush Day. It's a day to admit your crushes. Because who doesn't love a good crush?

First is the Refugee himself for his ability to write the shit out of a blog while waiting for his duck to confit. I've used his short-rib recipe a lot. You should use his recipes, too. And read his blog. He's even available via Twitter these days and I bet that's cool, too.

Colum McCann has also made me swoon with Let the Great World Spin. Every character is so beautifully realized, every scene vividly chisled that it made me want to cry. Plus, it inspired me to see Man on Wire. Which leads me to...

Philippe Petit, that Man on Wire himself. This man has lived his entire life with absolute passion. He's a little crazy, sure, but in that delightfully mad way that makes you remember the glory of exuberance.

If I could make out with Ellen Page right now, I totally would. She's adorable. Hard Candy, Juno, Whip It! Someday they'll stop making her play teenagers.

And on the subject of girl-crushes: Emily Blunt and Carey Mulligan. Yeah.

I also have a super-crush on Baptiste Yoga. I want to to it all the time. If it were a person I would write it notes with check boxes and giggle at it.

So that's my list for now.  Consider airing your own crushes.  It's fun for everyone.


bikramyogachick said...

Dorothy~ I tried Baptiste on Sunday. Took Zeeky at 1:30. I spent 90 minutes falling in love with that class and can't wait to go back! I just might pass it a note and giggle too! It got me thinking though. Do I love Baptiste the form of yoga, or is it Zeeky himself that makes it so magical? Because I heard that Mark and Yuko just graduated from baptiste level 1 training and will pick up some of those classes when they get back.
Me, I think I'm going to address my love note to Zeeky and stalk the schedule so I know I'm taking his class.....

Dorothy said...

I love Zeek. He's like a little wood sprite. He definitely kept me going back to class at the beginning when it kicked my ass up and down the street, but I've come to love the series - what it does for my body and my mental well-being - by itself. I got Journey Into Power (the book by Baron Baptiste) and I also really love the philosophy. For some reason it resonates with me much more than Bikram ever has. I got really excited when Mark said he was going to training. I think he'll have a great class, too.

I'm really glad there will be more Baptiste at the studio. I usually do all three classes every week and I sometimes practice at home to podcasts, so a couple more classes a week will be great.

No matter what, though, pass your notes to Zeeky. He totally deserves them.

bikramyogachick said...

A little wood sprite, what an apt description! Knowing that you love baptiste so much that you do it to podcasts answers the question of is it zeek or the discipline itself? Seems like it's both...which means I'll be looking forward to seeing what Mark B.T brings to the table when he returns.
I saw the book...read a few excerpts online. I am going to get it. I had no idea that he taught bikram for awhile. He wasn't getting what he needed. So I am curious and excited to keep going and discover more about the philosophy part of the discipline....