Dream Chronicles Pt. 2

Last night I had dreams of sharks and cold, dark water.  I had dreams about being asleep, dreams about dreaming, dreams of trying to wake myself up.  In my dreams within dreams, I floated and spun through vacuums.  I dreamed that I awoke, crying, only to awaken, startled, that I hadn't been awake in the first place.  The Platonic/philosophical implications are staggering...

I arose from my bed feeling exhausted and dazed.

Usually when I sleep soundly, I remember only parts of dreams - if anything at all.  Lately, though, for the past few weeks, my dreams have been an assault.  Big and jarring and emotionally charged.  not all of them have been dark, but even the neutral dreams are brighter and louder than usually.  The vividity itself is exhausting.

I don't generally need to look far for meaning in my dreams.  If they mean something I usually know.  But these dreams just leave me bewildered.  They wake me and leave me emotional and alert long after the dream has faded from my memory.

Last night's dreams are all fuzzy.  I remember a snip here, an image there, but I still feel like I've been hand-cranked through the wringer emotionally.  Last night's dreams were all scary or startling or sad.

Something is working out of me as I sleep.  I'm glad to purge it, whatever it is, because it's unpleasant.  I just wish I knew what it was.

I've been doing a LOT of yoga.  That always makes for crazy dreams, no matter what, but (and I know this sounds kind of nuts) recently I've gotten deep into my hips and I think I'm releasing stuff because of it.

I just really wish I could do it during waking hours.  I'm tired.