So Cool

Instead of buying presents for eachother, Matt and I decided to get a few things we really wanted for Christmas.  One of them was a cool piece of furniture - a wine storage cabinet, one of them was a Blu-ray player that connects to the internet so we can view our instant Netflix on our good TV, and an Eye-fi Geo card for the camera.

The furniture was immediately put to use and now houses most of the wine that sat in boxes in the office after we overbought in Napa.  The Blu-ray and the Eye-fi have sat languishing in their boxes because I have to be the one to do all technology-related tasks in the house as Matt is not technologically inclined (at all) and I haven't gotten to them.  Until today. 

They are both SO COOL.  The Blu-ray also has a movie service - a sort of pay-per-view type of thing, but all HD - although with our Netflix subscription, we don't really need it, but still cool.  I watched a couple of documentaries that Matt wasn't that interested in and caught up on Dexter.  Rad.

The Eye-fi Geo is a memory card with a wee wireless chip that tags your photos with a location and then wirelessly uploads them to your computer.  Fucking fantastic.  And Eye-fi has an iPhone application that will transfer your pictures from your phone to your computer wirelessly, too.  There are a bunch of different cards that Eye-fi makes.  Some of them even upload video.

Sometimes I feel like I was born out of my time - like I should have been born in another era - but when I think about it, I really love plumbing and electricity and climate control and cool shit like wireless memory cards for my digital cameras.  And when I think in those terms, I realize that this is where I belong. 

Yay technology.