I Cannot Wait...*

...to buy my Christmas dinner ingredients

...to open my favorite wine to go with dinner

...for egg-nog and gingerbread cookies

...to wrap presents with Matt

...to start reading Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue

...to play backgammon and Scene It

...to show everyone my totally flippin' awesome yoga Christmas tree ornament:

...to use the good china

...to pop popcorn and watch The Ref, The Life of Brian, and It's a Wonderful Life

...to see the relatives off

...to usher in the new year with Dick Clark, Matt, and some fairly decent champagne and be done with the holidays for another year

*idea purloined from Hannah


hannahjustbreathe said...

That ornament is amazing!!!! Where did you get that thing?!?! I want one!!

Dorothy said...

I tried to get you one. My mom got it for me at the Under One Roof holiday store (it's a SF non-profit that raises money for people living with AIDS/HIV). They have a seasonal store for Christmas where they sell AWESOME ornaments. My mom got this one for me there and we went back because I wanted to see if they had more/different ones because I wanted to send one to you and see if I could get one or two more that were different positions and the woman said they sold out really fast.

I'm not done searching, though.

Dirty Kitten said...

That ornament is fucking rad! I don't even exercise and I'd hang it on my tree.

Dorothy said...

You really should exercise, Al. Just a little. Not with a cigarette in your mouth. ^___^

restaurantrefugee said...

I hate that I am the only one to make the joke/ask the question... but are you sure that is a yoga ornament?