Eat It

I really don't like Giada de Laurentiis.  I've never seen a whole one of her shows.  The part that I really do like, though, is the end.  When the food is all prepared and she has to pretend to want to eat it.  It's awesome.  She clearly doesn't want to do it.  She looks slightly terrified as the food approaches her mouth and as she bites down you can see the disgust in her eyes.  Then, my favorite part:  she has to say, "MMMMM.  So good." and swallow.  Although a lot of times they cut away before you see the swallowing, so I'm half-convinced that she spits it out the minute the camera pulls away. 

Why have a cooking show if you don't like food?  Why?


restaurantrefugee said...

I have the most insane crush on Giada (we're close like that) and having had dinner with her (and 100 other people) I can tell you that she does in fact love food, and is approximately 3.675 times as hotter in person.

I will understand if these disagreement leads us down the slippery slope towards the dissolution of our budding virtual friendship.

Dorothy said...

No need to dissolve anything. I'm glad to know she actually likes food.