Things I Love*

1. The smell of coffee. I don't like the taste so much, but the smell is delightful.

2. The honey-colored days of October

3. Spending Sunday reading

4. Matt's texts

5. New pens

6. The deep silence of the stacks of almost any college library

7. The sound of my heartbeat as I lie in savasana

8. Trying a new recipe

9. When my iPod on shuffle knows my mood

10. When I'm out running errands and everywhere I go the same band follows me from place to place

11. The sound a new book makes when I open it for the first time

12. Walks at civil twilight

13. Open windows and cool breezes

14. Chuck Berry songs on a sunny afternoon

15. Lightening

16. Rain that makes everything sodden, but sparkly

17. Mail that doesn't include any bills and coupons

18. The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

19. Freshly ironed sheets (I don't usually iron my sheets, but occasionally I do and they're divine)

20. A hot, hot shower

21. The first spring sunshine that makes my hair warm

21. Hollandaise

22. Longhand

23.  Bananas Foster

24.  Sunset on the Pacific

25.  The last bite of dessert

26.  Restaurant Refugee's truffled fries.  They're fanfuckingfarouttastic.  Thanks RR!

27.  Yarn and knitting supplies

28.  Adhesives

29.  My dictionary

30.  Bitch Magazine

31.  Waking up to the smell of bacon

32.  Midnight movies and all-night bowling

33.  Shelling walnuts with my mother and sisters (and now my niece)

34.  Hitting my dad in the face with a cream pie on his birthday

35.  Boarding a plane that will take me on vacation

*"love" in this case meaning "like a really lot" and "think are pretty cool" and does not include people, as they are not things


hannahjustbreathe said...

This is such a lovely list. It made me smile.

Dorothy said...

Aw. Thanks. I'm glad to have made you smile your pretty smile!