Taste Sensation

I recently made Restaurant Refugee's Truffled Fries.  They're FANFUCKINGFAROUTTASTIC.  Not surprising, though, considering that fries are great and truffle oil is even better, so the two together are a shoo-in for side dish of the year.  Side dish?  They could be my breakfast, lunch, and dinner and I'd be perfectly happy.

The other part of the recipe is braised short ribs.  I didn't make these at the same time that I made the fries the first time, so I didn't discover until last night how incredibly yummy they are.  These are a delightful accompaniment to the main course of fries.  But I jest.  They're delicious.  Tender, juicy, tasty.  I could go on all day.  They're the kind of thing I could eat until I popped.  You should try them.  They're so worth it.  And if you don't have an immersion blender (which I don't) you can still puree the veggies in a food processor with a pretty good result.

I like them so much  I'm also thinking of trying out the same preparation on a lamb shank.  I can't imagine why it wouldn't also be delicious.

I've even found a bona fide butcher where I procured more beef bones to make a small vat of stock to have on hand so that I can make the ribs at the drop of a hat.  I know they say veal bones make the best stock, but I can't do veal.  It's too pink.

Anyway, I'm in love with the Refugee.  He's a great writer and, apparently, quite a chef.  I'm trying the tomato bisque with gorgonzola crostini ASAP.

If I'm not careful, I'm going to have to do three yoga classes a day to work off the food.  I think it's an even trade.

Anyway, you should try his recipees.  He'll even answer cooking questions.  No cookbook does that.


Dirty Kitten said...

Damn that sounds sooo good! You need to move closer to me.