The Smell of Blood

The hit was so fast, so hard I didn’t see it coming.  After, as I looked down at the blood, I felt no pain.     “Am I going to die?” I asked.

“Everyone dies,” the man said.

I looked down again at the bloodstain – watched it grow and consume my white blouse.  When I looked up again, the man, my attacker, was gone.  My blood was filling the room.  Then the pain rose inside me.  I didn’t mind it so much and it made me sleepy.  I closed my eyes and woke to the smell of blood. 

I got out of bed to shake off the dream and when I stood up, my nose began to bleed.


hannahjustbreathe said...

Um, I just got goosebumps.

That's one hell of a dream, honey.

Dorothy said...

I know. In part, I blame the bloody nose. I'm sure it registered somewhere in my sleeping brain and that was what started it all. I blame the weird creepiness on my fascination with Forensic Files.

Dirty Kitten said...

Remember when we used to do dream analysis with those new age dream interpretation books? Nerds.