This is How My Brain Works

I have odd, fleeting thoughts almost all the time.

For example, today, I sorted through a bunch of stuff (clothes, books, random stuff) to get rid of - Goodwill or something - and stuck it all in a box. I put the box outside the door so that I won't forget to take it when I leave the house the next time. As I put the box down, I had a little flash. It was almost in pictures. It went something like this:

If some Pompeiian disaster were to take place between the time I put the box outside the door and the time I moved it to the car, what would the archaeologists of the future think about what was in that box? I imagined some pasty British man in his 50s, squatting next to a dig area with a brush, pointing for a camera and explaining, "In early 21st Century America, it seems people left items outside their dwellings. We surmise (they always say 'surmise') this was some kind of superstition to ward off evil. A type of gargoyle, if you will..."

In my head, he sounds like George Sanders.


Dirty Kitten said...

I love this! And George Sanders? The guy who wrote Civilwarland?

Dorothy said...

Were you drooling when you wrote this? George Saunders (w/a 'u') wrote CivilWarland. George Sanders was the voice of Shere Khan in the Disney Jungle Book.

When are you coming out? We're gone next weekend and from 8/16 - 8/22. Email me - mkay?