The wind blew hard, forcing the few drops of rain that had managed to live the journey from the upper-reaches of the atmosphere into the windows. The force of the air shook the windows.

I opened the door to the balcony that overlooks some few trees and stood with the gale blowing at me. The wind was hot and the rain had given up.

I knew the wind would bear me if I let it. I opened my arms and let the air catch my nightgown. I rose up, up, up. For a few moments I hovered just over the railing, and then, realizing my power, rose higher and took flight.

The trees were dark and thrashing beneath me. The sky lit briefly here and there, enough to guide me through the sky. Finally, when I knew the water was beneath me, I closed my arms and dropped into the inky water, sinking ever lower until I reached an equilibrium and floated, suspended in the depths of the ocean.

I knew, as I had known the wind would bear me, that I could take a deep breath and find satisfaction for my aching lungs. The liquid filled my nose, my mouth, my throat, and finally, my lungs. I tasted the salt, felt the sting in the pink tissue that had never hosted liquid before. For a second, panic flitted through my brain, but it passed when I felt the relief.

I closed my eyes and slept in the depths, water softly pitching my body, and woke in my own bed.


hannahjustbreathe said...

Ooooo, I love that last line. Beautifully written.

Dorothy said...

Hey thanks! That's especially nice to hear from someone who writes as beautifully as you.