Hot Like Hell

No, not the yoga room, the temperatures in Vegas. It's 109 degrees at 8P. That's unconscionably hot. Today's high was 112. 112. That's indefensible.

I'd like to lodge a complaint, but as far as I understand it, Mother Nature is a figure of speech and not an actual person. That leaves me with no real recourse. Damn it!

I can't think when it's this hot. The air conditioner is chug-chug-chugging away and it can barely keep up. The closet in the office is about 95 degrees. I'm crabby and sweaty. It's too hot for lights or clothes. It's almost too hot to swim.

Actually, during the day, it is too hot to swim. I can't imagine spending more than about 5 minutes outside with my skin exposed to the very mean sun. I go from one air-conditioned space to another, sweat freely rolling down my body in the few moments of exposure to the scorching ball in the sky.

And, to make matters worse, there's no shade. Trees in Vegas are scarce and small (mostly) - or palms. No good shade trees.

My Moksha studio employs a woman from Toronto who came to our studio to help train other instructors. She's also a redhead. The poor thing looks like she might actually burst into flames sometimes. God knows I feel like I might.

So that's it. I can't even think of a point because my brain is boiling.


hannahjustbreathe said...

Oh god. I'd DIE in that kind of heat. I practically have a fit when the temperature here hits the mid 80s...

Also, how is that Moksha yoga?? Really interested to hear what you think about it and if it's worth checking out. Shoot me an e-mail!

Dorothy said...

Yeah. I've sort of sequestered myself because I can't stand it.

Email re: moksha on it's way!