All About Me(me).

Sorry. Totally crappy title.

So Hannah passed this on to her readers - of whom I am one. And I wanted to do it. So here it is:

I can't:

Tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.

Reach the top shelf.

Stand Matt's aunt.

Eat shrimp without risk of death.

Crochet. I have tried time and again, and still, nothing.

I can:

Swim like a big fish.

Tell a good story.

Be charming if I choose to be (although, I don't often choose to be).

Tell the doneness of meat by poking it.


Eat my weight in sushi/sashimi.

I won't:

Name a child after a soap opera character.

Wear clothes unless I absolutely have to.

Live in Las Vegas for much longer (relatively speaking).

Spend time on people I don't like.

Skydive. Because, really, why?

I will:

Finish writing something.

Moderate my consumption of french fries.

Have a house on the beach.

Listen to more of the music that sits lonely in my iTunes library.

Eventually be able to hold every Bikram pose for the full time, both sets.

I shouldn't:

Waste so much time.

Eat so much starch.

Be hot all the time.

Judge people by the pets they have.

Worry about what my ass looks like in a swimsuit.

I should:

Learn a second language - well.

Write more.

Travel more.

Stop buying stationery.

Try making corn tortillas.


hannahjustbreathe said...

This list was awesome. So succinct and sharp but also so random and hilarious---which is exactly why these things are so much fun!

Dorothy said...

Thanks! Fun they are. And funny.