Variations on a Meme

I enjoy a good meme. I don't usually publicly participate when they're sent my way, but I've complied a list of some of my favorite questions that you don't see on most memes.

List one name you wanted (besides the one you have): Diana - as in Diana Prince (a.k.a. Wonder Woman)

List two books you're ashamed to admit you've read: Flowers in the Attic and Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper - Case Closed

List three people you will see in the coming 7 days: Matt, Marty, Beth

List four things you don't like to talk about: my credit score, the recently deceased, my intelligence, cruelty

List five things on your floor right now: socks, sheets, lamp, sofa, laptop (and beneath it all - dirt)

List six things you've eaten this week: chicken breast, steak, eggs, bacon, toast, peas

List seven places you'd like to visit before you die: Giza, Great Barrier Reef, Canne, Iceland, Florence, The Maldives, A Rainforest

List eight of your favorite lyrics/quotes:
-"My city is still breathing, but barely, it's true, through buildings gone missing like teeth" - Weakerthans
-"I don't care what anybody says about me as long as it isn't true." - Dorothy Parker
-"I hold this to be the highest task for a bond between two people: that each protects the solitude of the other." - R.M. Rilke
When words are scarce they are seldom spent in vain." - Shakespeare
-"You've made a big impression for a girl of your size." - Old 97s
There's no reality except the one contained within us. That's why so many people live an unreal life. They take images outside them for reality and never allow the world within them to assert itself." - Hermann Hesse
When the soul wants, the soul waits." - U2
Aristotle was not Belgian. The central message of Buddhism is not 'Every man for himself.' And the London Underground is not a political movement. Those are all mistakes, Otto. I looked them up." - A Fish Called Wanda

List nine things you're looking forward to: motherhood, my anniversary, U2 tour, red curry, reading Sunnyside, seeing my parents in August, Thanksgiving with the family, the first day at the beach, fireworks

List ten things that make your life better: Family, yoga, my MacBook, wireless internet, emusic, a gas stove, refrigeration, air-conditioning, telephones, indoor plumbing