I've recently spent five glorious days visiting my parents in Northern California. I love the Bay Area. And it only underscored for me how much I do not belong in the desert.

I think you sort of have to be born a desert person. I don't think you have to be born in the desert to be born a desert person (although I imagine it helps), but I think there's something inherent to loving the desert.

I don't love the desert. I don't mean to say that there's nothing to like about it, but I'm not a desert person. I don't like the dry and dust. I hate that my nose bleeds almost every day. I hate that it's so hot for so much of the year. On the up side, there's almost no traffic. I love that I can go 20 miles in 20 minutes. I appreciate the lack of State tax. Parking is plentiful and free. The cost of living is really reasonable. I miss trees, though. I miss green. I miss the ocean, too, but I'd settle for a lake somewhere with trees.