In Praise of the Vacuum

Okay, I'm not praising all vacuums. In fact, my last vacuum was so worthless, I would have been better off just picking up the dirt off the floor. I didn't realize how much it sucked (or didn't is more like it) because I had wood floors for a long time and I just didn't use the vacuum much.

Matt also had a vacuum that was equally shitty. I could run my vacuum over the same piece of lint 7,000 times and it wouldn't budge. Matt's vacuum would move the lint around, it just wouldn't ever digest it. I was a bit frustrated at running two vacuums and getting no results.

My mother has been offering me a vacuum for a few years, but with the wood, I didn't need it. I called her last week and took her up on the offer. She has a Miele vacuum that she loves so much she got one for each of my sisters. They love theirs, too. So she asked if that was what I wanted. I said, "Sure." Because what do I know about vacuums?

My vacuum arrived today. It is a wondrous thing. It sucks up everything. On the first try. I know. Crazy. I'm in love. Oh, and I forgot to mention how quiet it is. I can run the sweeper and still hear the music.

So I love my vacuum and I have thanked my mother (and will continue to do so). What I didn't know when I requested the vacuum was the price. My mother just ordered the vacuum and had it sent to me. So I got the receipt. Did I mention it's a really nice vacuum? In fact it's $800 worth of vacuum.

I nearly passed out. So did Matt. $800 for a vacuum? Is that what it takes to get dirt out of carpet? I don't know. I do love it, though. It is, in the words of Ferris Bueller, 'so choice.' I have the Ferrari of vacuums.

Do I recommend this appliance? Yes. Wholeheartedly. If you have the means or can register for it or create some kind of communal PayPal account so several people can chip in to get the vacuum for you, I would encourage you to do it.

There's something really satisfying about hearing the little dirt and dust particles getting sucked safely into a HEPA filtered bag and getting the carpet to stand up and look pretty. I may spend the rest of the evening vacuuming. God knows that, after a year of a couple of really awful vacuums, I could use to really go for the deep clean.


hannahjustbreathe said...

IS IT A DYSON???!!!!

I so, so, so, so badly want a Dyson. I will feel like I have finally made it big when I A. live in a place that has a washer and dryer IN my unit/house/apartment, and B. own a Dyson.

High standards, let me tell ya.

Dorothy said...

Acutally, it's a Miele. It's a German company. I've added a link in the post to my specific vacuum.

I understand about the Dyson, though. I love they Dyson Dude. And the washer/dryer in your apartment. I always hated dragging laundry around. Sometimes I would wait until I was going to my parents' and take 300 lbs of laundry with me just to avoid the laundromat.