Ill Wishes

I don't hate anyone. Strongly dislike, sure, but hate - that's a level dedication to something you don't like that I don't really get. I generally don't spend much time thinking about people I don't like. Why would I? However, due to Facebook's suggestions, I have been recently inundated with special little reminders of people I don't like. One of these people had completely removed herself from my everyday memory. Then, like the appearance of mold in my shower, there she was. Facebook helpfully let me know that I might know her. I don't know if it works that because she's suggested to me that I'm suggested to her or not. Maybe she spied me through a mutual friend. I don't know. What I do know is that she sent me a friend request today.

Facebook is fun, but I find it irritating that I get requests from people who were never my friends. Just because we were in the same graduating class does not mean that I want to be your friend. I'm also quite suspicious of these requesters because I feel they're just fluffing their friend count. I don't need to have 4,000 Facebook friends to feel successful in my life, so leave me alone.

This person who sent the request today - we'll call her Madge - was someone I went to great lenghts to avoid because I so strongly detested her company. She has the personality of sandpaper. By the end of prolonged contact you're numb and/or bleeding. She even asked me once if I liked her. I said no.

Sure, it's been years. But really? Friends we will never were nor will ever be. We never had anything in common. Madge was one of those girls who went to college to get her MRS. She made fun of the wrong people. It's totally fair game to make fun of people you don't like. But it's out of bounds when it's directed a someone solely because they're retarded or have a physical handicap. I always felt like she was on par with Jake's bitchy girlfriend, Caroline, in Sixteen Candles. Rich girl gone wrong.

So I was sitting there, staring at her friend request, wishing her ill, when it occurred to me: 'Ignore' and wish Facebook's suggestion tool ill. So that's what I'm doing. I'm wishing the Facebook suggestion tool ill - very, very ill.


hannahjustbreathe said...

Ahhh, Facebook. Love to hate it, right?

I've actually started going through my friend list and deleting people whose requests I accepted without *really* thinking about whether I wanted them to see every update in my life and whether I wanted to see theirs. But, at least, as you're discovering, at the end of the day, we're still in control. Or, at least, we have what seems like control...

Dorothy said...

The illusion of control... Yes, at least we have that.

I've tried to be pretty discerning in my Facebook life for the reasons you cite.

Still, like Oprah, I will continue to love to hate Facebook.